Here are some frequently asked questions

Does Zick’s cut up whole carcass deer?

We only accept trim at Zick’s. However we have a list of processors that we work directly with who will cut up your deer and send the meat to us to make our sausage. You may also cut up the meat yourself and bring it directly to us.  

Does Zick’s make all their own products?

Every meat and smoked meat product we sell is made here at Zick’s in house. We use all natural spices and old world European sausage recipes.

Do your products have MSG?

No. We do not use MSG in any of our products.  They are also gluten free.

Do you make all the products?

Yes, all the products are ground, seasoned or cured, and cooked/smoked right here at our plant in Berrien Springs.

Is it real alligator meat?

Yes, it is really alligator meat.  There are no fakes here.  From beef to alligator to kangaroo etc., it is all real.