Wild Game Processing

Products we can make from your game meat

Zick’s Wild game Specialties can turn your venison, Elk, Caribou, Bear, Antelope, or Moose in to delicious smoked meats and sausages. Zick’s has been processing wild game and making various sausages for more than 40 years. Let our German style sausage kitchen make quality products that you can’t buy anywhere else. Our professional packaging and presentation will make your sausages in to perfect gifts also.

We do not process or skin whole carcass deer. You may process your own deer or take it to a processors and bring in boneless meat for sausage.   Please bone that meat taking all fat, hair, and blood clots out of the meat. Place it into a clear bag or a container and bring it in fresh or frozen.   We reserve the right to refuse any game meat that does not meet out standards.

Custom Wild Game Products

We can make these fine products out of your venison, elk, antelope, moose, bear, or caribou. We ask that you process the game yourself and bring in the fresh frozen trim for us to make our famous smoke meats for you. We do not accept whole carcass deer.

Sausage Chubs
2lb vacuum sealed (fully smoked and cooked)* Salami- Cotto style salami with crushed black peppercorn with a hint of garlic. Summer Sausage- Slightly tangy and a bit more mild than the salami with real mustard seeds. *Hunters Bologna- An old fashioned German style bologna. Jalapeño & Cheddar Cheese Summer Sausage- Made with blend of real jalapeños and real cheese.

Breakfast Sausage
Frozen 1lb Rolls- Mild country style seasoning.

Link Products
(smoked and cooked in 4 oz. links vacuum packed 1 lb. pkg.)Smoked Hot Dogs- Coarse German style link with hint of garlic and some black pepper.Smoked Bratwurst- Traditional German smoked sausage.Venison Smoked Polish-Seasoned with garlic and other spicesSpicy Bratwurst- (Andouille spice)

Famous Venison Zick’s Sticks
(1 lb vacuum sealed package, rope style) *Regular- #1 choice of hunters for over 25 years. Jalapeño- Spicier version of regular with real bits of jalapeno inside.

(8 oz chopped and formed smoked/cooked and vacuum sealed pkg.) BBQ – Made into strips with a sweet & smoky BBQ seasoning Venison Pepper- Made into strips with a black pepper seasoning.

Prices for 2018 season *Hunters Favorites


2 lb roll*$6.00

Smoked Summer Sausage

2 lb roll$6.00

Jalapeno Cheese Summer Sausage

2 lb roll$6.00

Hunters Bologna

2 lb roll*


Zick Stick (Rope Style)

1 lb package*$6.00
 Zick Stick (Jalapeno style rope)

1 lb package


 Smoked Bratwurst (4 Links)

1 lb package

 Smoked Spicy Brats (4 Links)

1 lb package

 Smoked Polish (4 Links)

1 lb package

 Hot Dogs (German Franks)

1 lb package


Smoked Jerky BBQ or ORIGINAL

8 oz package$5.50

Breakfast Sausage (Fresh frozen)

1 lb roll$2.00

Smoked Boneless Ham (venison) (ready to eat)

 1 lb roll$18.00

Venison Burger

1lb roll$1.00