Services and products we provide

Custom services

  • Venison Processing into custom smoked sausages and jerky for hunters.
  • Venison Ham’s
  • Curing and smoking wild turkeys along with hams.

Retail Specialty Products

  • Snack sticks in both 8 oz packages and 1 lb rope style packages
  • Jerky in both 8 oz and 1 lb packages
  • Several kinds of bratwurst, polish sausage, hot dogs, and italian sausage made here.
  • Salami’s, summer sausage, and bologna’s in a 1 lb roll
  • Smoked Turkey’s & hams for the holiday season
  • 3 different kinds of bacon including applewood smoked bacon
  • Gritzwurst, braunshweiger (liverwurst), and pork breakfast sausage

Additional Services

  • Private label snack stick, and chopped and formed jerky production
  • Sausage chub, and cheese gift box service for the holiday season